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Should I Hire A Birth Photographer?

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

In the 1960's it was relatively uncommon for fathers to be able to watch the birth of their own children. These days, it is very common to have dad (and often more people) in the room to witness the entire event! Technology has come a long way- it's easier than ever to capture photos during the labor and delivery. At the end of the day these are the most important moments in our lives, right?

Birth is a beautiful, intense, and powerful experience. It's an experience that strengthens bonds in a family and shows the true power of a woman. I've seen so many incredible women give birth! Each experience is one of power and intimacy. These first moments are sacred and should be protected and preserved.

Hiring a photographer for your upcoming birth is something I recommend doing over and over again. I don't just recommend this because I am a photographer (although birth's are my FAVORITE ). I recommend it because these are moments you want to be able to look back on forever.

Here are some considerations for why it's important to hire a Birth Photographer.

- Hiring a photographer allows your friends and family to be involved in the experience. Labor is hard. You chose these important people because you want them there to love and support you in thsee moments. Looking back on these photos you will want them to be IN your photos enjoying all of baby's firsts with you.

- There is something very exciting about making an entrance in the middle of the night! More than 70% of the babies I've photographed have decided to come in these night hours, or at least made mom labor through the night. You can pretty much count on the room being dark for some or all of your delivery. Taking photos in the dark is not always an easy task. A cell phone or a camera, pictures often end up blurry, grainy or even to dark. Hiring a photographer, whom specializes in birth, ensures you will have quality photos with all of the details captured. Accomplishing these shots in darker settings really requires top of the line gear. When I shoot a birth, I bring lenses that are capable of lower light scenarios, and an external flash I can move around and use if necessary. It's also important to have a full frame camera to really be able to push your camera settings and reduce grain.

This mama labored all through the night and delivered the baby in her home the next morning.

- Having a baby in the hospital the light often changes quickly and drastically. One minute its dark and the next that spotlight is overexposing everything. A photographer knows how to combat this to make these extremes a bit more level in camera and in post processing.

-If complications come up during a labor, the last thing you're going to be thinking about is having photos taken. You need the support in these moments. Having a hired photographer can help to ensure all the emotions are captured. When everything has settled, you'll want to be able to look back over your timeline of events.

During this labor the baby's shoulder got stuck. The baby ended up being healthy, but it did make for an intense few minutes.

- You work so hard to deliver a baby that sometimes the details can get a bit fuzzy. I've had clients tell me they were waiting for the pictures to come back so they could prove things happened a certain way! Having the photos is concrete evidence of your timeline of events.

I promise you hiring a Birth Photographer is one of the best decisions you will in regards to planning for your new baby. You will not regret having all the raw emotion and first moments captured! Your little one will grow, your memories will fade, but these images- they will last forever.

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