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What Should I Consider When Hiring my Newborn Photographer?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Congratulations on your new baby! Having a new little one in the family is an exciting but exhausting time. This stage in our lives we really are a Mombie just trying to make it to our next cup of cold coffee.

Your baby's look will change quickly! Make sure you make time to capture these fleeting moments! There are several important factors I think should be taken into consideration before hiring a Newborn Photographer.

First you have to decide if you would like your newborn images posed or if you would prefer to have shots of baby in your home or with the family.

I offer both Lifestyle Newborn Photography and Posed Newborn Photography. Lifestyle Newborn Photography focuses on baby in your home where you and baby are most comfortable. For Lifestyle Newborn Photography I do less editing and smoothing on baby. Lifestyle is about capturing the moment as it is. Posed Newborn Photography is often done in a studio setting. This involves having me wrap your baby and position your baby on a posing bean bag or in a cute basket or decor. Often times the focus of a posed session is mostly just of your new little one. Posed Sessions will include more editing. The first few months of baby's life their skin is sometimes blotchy, flakey or they will develop acne. For studio sessions I will soften their skin and even out their color. If you'd like your new baby to be in more posed positions there are several additional factors I believe should be considered.

1- Hire a Newborn Photographer who is trained in Posed Newborn Photography:

This for me is the biggest most important thing you can do when looking for a Posed Newborn Photographer. There are some poses that, if done incorrectly, could actually cause harm or injury to your little one. A good newborn photographer will have invested time and money into their training. In this training session your Photographer will learn how to correctly wrap your little one in a blanket and how to pose them in a safe way without obstructing their breathing or cutting off their circulation. This type of training is often lengthy and expensive. Go with a photographer who has invested in the safety of your newborn.

2- The Images you see online may be Deceiving:

A pose like "Froggy Pose" is actually made up of several images. (Froggy pose is that darling pose where baby is resting their head on their hands.) It is actually very dangerous to pose your newborn this way without assistance! To do this image you must take a photo of mom on one side holding baby's weight, then take a photo of mom on the other side and merge the 2 images together in Photoshop.

Some images online may show your baby in unsafe places. One of the most common images I see are images of baby hanging from a rope in a basket from a tree. These are not real images! They are composites. A composite is essentially taking elements of one image and adding it to another image. Below is a composite I did. As you can see, she was obviously not actually in a mason jar, I moved her there in Photoshop! Some composites are more obvious than others. If you're unsure if an image you like is a composite, just ask!

3- Go with an Insured and Licensed Photographer:

This one goes for all Photographer's- not just the Posed Newborn ones!

With camera's being so easily accessible, it is easy for anyone to claim they are a business. Someone who pays taxes will usually also make sure their business is Insured. The price for their services will be a bit higher than the hobbyist. I promise you will appreciate the peace of mind in hiring an insured business. A business that is willing to invest in being legit will most likely have better business practices and additional training.

4- Hire the experienced Photographer:

You will be exhausted. I promise you will not have the energy to take these images on your own. You will want the quality a Newborn Lifestyle Photographer and a Posed Newborn Photographer offers for these Once-in-a-Lifetime images.

Some other things I think are important to know when planning for your Newborn Session are: