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Be in the Photo Mama

If you take a scroll through all the beautiful families I have captured over the years you will notice one big thing. Mom and Dad are in a lot of the photos! Not just because I specialize in families and creating moments of the family together, but because even when mom shows up without the intention of being in a photo I ask her if she wants to join in. Why is it important to have Mom specifically in photos?

As Mother's we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. Everyone in the family gets fed first and you get to eat when your meal is cold. Motherhood is draining. Motherhood is Rewarding. Motherhood is Important and should be captured.

I know you didn't do your makeup today. Your hair hasn't been washed in a week, you're breaking out and you're not wearing the right clothes. As hard as these child raising years are, don't you want your kids to SEE that you were there with them through it all? Why are we all about hiding how tired we look and how aged? These years are arguably our most important and most rewarding! Your kids don't care how much weight you've gained or how your eyebrows aren't tweezed. They just want to play and be with you. My 6 year old isn't going to want me to kiss him and cuddle him when he's 12. My 4 year old will only run to me with a hug screaming "I'm so happy you're home! I missed you!" after a day of work for so long. It's important you capture these years with them.

Be in the photo Mama.

When mom sees dad having a cute moment with the kids she pulls out her phone or camera and snaps a photo. Then she uploads it to social media for everyone to dote over how good of a dad her husband is and how cute he is with the kids. But, who takes photos of mom with the kids? Who captures Mama taking her kids to the park or reading a bedtime story? This is our everyday life. Unless we ask for a picture with the kids it probably won't happen un-prompted. Ask for the photo Mama.

Be in the photo Mama.

Our kids are only this little once. When they have families of their own they will want pictures to show of their childhood. You are an important part of their childhood. You helped them be who they are. They will want to SEE images of you loving on them, to see images of you holding their hand and kissing their cheeks. They will want to SEE images of you tickling them or hanging them upside down. These years are fleeting Mama. It's important you have moments captured of all that you do.

Be in the photo Mama.

All the sleepless nights and running on empty you are the one who kissed their Owies and rocked them back to sleep. You are the one who filled their bellies with good food and taught them their ABC's. You give so much of yourself to these kids. Hang photos of you and your babies up on your walls. Did you know that your kids will feel more cemented into your family if you have images on your walls? It helps them feel the support you've always given them. It helps them SEE just how involved you've always been. It's important Mama.

Be in the photo Mama.

When you are older, you will want to see how far you've come. You will want to see images of you holding your babies. No matter how tired you look, you survived these years like a boss.

You will want to see how your babies have grown, and how you've grown too. You can re-watch your relationships develop through the images you capture together by flipping through some photo albums. You will want to see you on vacation with the family at the beach. Your husband didn't take those kids himself! Don't let him get all the credit for going!

Be in the photo Mama.

And when you hire a photographer to capture those images of your beautiful babies make sure you Be in the photo Mama. Just one, I promise you'll be so happy you did.

You're doing great.



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