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5 Reasons Porch Sessions are the Best Sessions

If you're worried about not having a big enough Porch for a Front Porch Session, don't be! A Front Porch Session doesn't necessarily mean we have to be on your Front Porch. I have offered family's side yard sessions, front yard sessions and even back yard sessions.

Porch Sessions have been growing in popularity. This session type started out as a Corona Fad to help with social distancing, but has recently turned into one of my most requested sessions. Why are Front Porch Sessions here to Stay?

1- Front Porch Sessions Are Convenient

These sessions will allow you to get ready all the way until I knock on your door. Mom is always the last person ready. After getting everyone in the family sorted out, mom gets herself ready and then loads the car. Mom remembers to pack the water, the diaper bag, and all those little accessories. Imagine not having to worry about what you're forgetting! No extra planning required. There is no drive time, no traffic, no crying in the car, and no having to change your toddler in the trunk. You literally just open the door and walk outside. Your baby is fussy and you forgot the binky? You can just run inside and grab it.

If the Convenience alone hasn't convinced you Porch Sessions are the Best Sessions, here are a few more reasons why you'll love them.

2- Capture your Family in a Lifestyle/Documentary way

Your home is an important part of your family's story. This may be the home you first brought your babies home to. This is the home where many important memories were made. Tears were shed in this home and some of your happiest moments were made here. Why not include it your Family Portraits?

Create memories with your kids in their everyday environment. When they are older, you will want quality images of them swinging on the tree swing. You will want memories of them climbing the trees or playing with their favorite yard toys. These are the moments you have ingrained in your memory. Have the photo to remember all the little details. Capturing your family in your own front yard allows for more natural images in your own space.

3- Easily Include your Fur Babies

I love it when your fur babies come to sessions. They are an important part of your family and should be included in your Portraits. Sometimes, however, bringing your fur buddy to a session can be a lot of extra work. They don't always listen, you trip over their leash and there are so many distractions in a new place. The extra nice thing about doing a Front Porch Session is you can easily pull them out for a few photos and then put them away when you've had enough. If your fur baby is well behaved, you'll likely be able to get away with going off lead in your own yard too!

4- Porch Sessions are Faster than On-Site Sessions

There isn't as much space to cover as an on-site location might have. There is no wasted time walking from one end of the park to the other! No need to lug all of your things around a site or deal with toddlers who are taking off in different directions! You don't have to worry about what they are going to get into, or where they are going to go. This makes it so we can achieve more in a smaller amount of time!

5- Porch Sessions are Beautiful and Timeless

Porch Sessions capture the simplicity of your family. Your home will never go out of style, it will always hold a special place in your heart. You'll be more comfortable being on your own property, therefore creating relaxed, beautiful and natural images.

Porch Sessions aren't just for families with little ones. I've done porch sessions of beautiful couples and families of all ages. If you've been considering booking a session, book a Porch Session, you won't regret it!



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