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Hey There!

I'm Mandi, the owner of Riley Portraits & Weddings. I'm the girl behind the lens and computer. I fell in love with pausing time through images about 7 years ago when I was carrying our first child. Having a new little one to play with all day, I quickly focused in on my skills to capture every moment and fleeting detail.

Before I knew it my son was 2 with a sister on the way. I just couldn't believe just how quickly time had passed. I was  grateful to have access to these high quality images with all of our precious memories I had captured. 


I'm a small town girl from Pleasant Grove, Utah. I married my high school love at just 18 years old! Since tying the knot, we have traveled the country living in many places such as Utah, Florida, Texas & now Virginia. Falling for my high school sweetheart we have grown up together. We have a beautiful family that I have the luxury of staying home to raise.

I'm a social butterfly. I love to talk and meet new people. I am very energetic and outgoing. I'm the kind of mom who leaves a kids water party soaking wet. We play in the rain, we make messes and we have dance parties in the kitchen. I want to know you are and why you're here. I genuinely care for others and will do a lot for a stranger in need. 

My life revolves around spending time with my family and capturing moments for yours. 

From Family Sessions to  Weddings and Newborns and Studio Portraits or Events I want to be there to capture these moments for you. I offer quality images at a price you can afford.


 I love what I do and I can't wait to meet you! 

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