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What comes included with the Riley Portraits Experience?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

A camera is a tool a Photographer can use to create art. The type of camera, the settings, the light all of these are elements that the Photographer can manipulate to create art in their camera. Photoshop is a tool a Photographer can use to enhance that art. What happens to your images after your photographer pushes the button on their camera? Really it depends on who you hired. What editing capabilities they have and what their preferences are for editing their images. In some circumstances you may not need a lot of extra editing, in other's this extra editing may be of high value to you. Keep reading to see what editing Mandi with Riley Portraits & Weddings can do in post processing!

Have you ever snapped a few snapshots with your phone only to find that Johnny is closing his eyes in every single photo. The photo he is looking at the camera, his sister Sara is not. Something that makes Riley Photography a little different is that I am very good with Photoshop. Head-swaps and basic touch-ups (such as acne softening or removal) comes included with my basic sessions.

If you have a larger family (or a family with younger kids) this may be a valuable skill for your photographer to have. Past clients sometimes have wondered how I managed to get everyone's eyes looking in the same direction at the same time. I believe it's important to add a little extra magic to create that portrait mom is going love!

This image the girl on the right was in between facial expressions. In the image where the girl was looking at the camera her sister was not. The best move was to combine the two photos!

Head-swapping is one of my most used techniques with family sessions!

Some other fun Photoshop things I can do on Client Galleries are:

Adding a person to an image-

If you look closely on the image on the left you can see that the boy (Tanner) was completely hidden by his older brother Landyn. I added him from the image on the right to the image in the middle and removed his arm from behind Landyn to complete one image mom will love where all 3 boys are visible in the same image.

Added a sky to this image when the original sky was to bright.

Changed a background image (and in this case make her look like she's levitating.)

Add or Enhance Makeup

Extended the background to remove the stairs and enhanced makeup.

Changed my original edit from her original purple dress to a pretty green color!

What else makes Riley Portraits different? I specialize in Portraits, Weddings & Children and Families. As a mom myself, I understand that not all kids are the same. Some kids would like to run and play while others would like to stay glued permanently to mom or dad's hip. I incorporate play into your sessions to allow your little ones to get some energy out. I want your session day to be a day that you will remember laughing and playing and bonding with your family. It is just an added bonus that you will have some amazing photos to remember these moments from!

The galleries I send will usually include 50% posed portraits and 50% candid photos. This allows for variety and let's everyone to be comfortable in your session.

(Check out this video to view an example of how a session with Riley Photography might look like with this adorable daddy/daughter duo. )

I have a variety of events or activities I am able to photograph or video some of these include:

- Videography: These include family sessions, upscale home videos, and milestone or birthday videos and business promotional videos!

- Birth and Labor Sessions

- Studio Portraits

-Military Graduations

-Birthday Parties and Events

-Mom and Me sessions


and MORE!

Send a message to inquire for more information on these services!

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