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Family Session- The Wolf, Red and the Huntsman

I was so excited when Alexandra contacted me about doing a unique family session. Her daughter's birthday is in March and her spirit animal is the wolf. When she reached out she mentioned that she wanted to play off of this a bit and dress Marlena up as a wolf, herself as Red Riding Hood and the husband up as the Huntsman. It made for an exciting first meet up with an ax in hand as we entered into the woods. We joked about how it probably looked! This family is gorgeous and I am swooning over the images we ended up with!

Marlena is such a darling little girl. The first time we met we were instantly best friends. She sat on my lap and kept giving me hugs as we talked about how much fun we would have at her session. When we showed up to the location she remembered me and instantly came over and gave me a hug! It was less than 40 degrees out and you could barely even tell she was cold. She had so much fun running around and letting me take pictures of her!

Alexandra isn't usually fond of being in photographs. She promised herself when Marlena was born that she would be in photos with her daughter every year around her birthday. I am so glad she did! Isn't she stunning!?!? I am seriously loving this gorgeous Red Riding Hood outfit!

I LOVE when I get the honors of photographing sessions like this. Alexandra wanted an image in which an actual wolf was Marlena's reflection in the water. I was pretty excited with how this one turned out!

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