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Creating a Meaningful Image

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Renee wanted to book a session to capture the special bond between Uncle Johnny and her 4 gorgeous daughters. After booking the session Renee asked if I could make something special for her and Johnny.

Johnny and Renee's mother, Denise, passed away 7 years ago when Johnny was only 15. Renee had 3 daughters at the time and the timing was of course, very hard. I can't even imagine losing my mother at such a young age.

They had a few images of Denise and wanted to know if I would be able to add Denise to an image with both Johnny and Renee together. I was a bit nervous to attempt it- I really wanted it to be the perfect image for them. I told her I would give it a try and ended up very pleased with the results.

There were only a couple of images of their mother that I felt I could make work. I identified the direction the lighting was coming from and posed them to match it the best I could.

After I had an image of Renee and Johnny to work with I got to work on the image of mom. The image of Denise was a bit grainy and the colors were a bit more on the green side. I knew that I would need to correct the colors, but the grain would have to stay.

I removed Denise from the photo and added her to the image with Johnny and Renee. I corrected the color, re-sized Denise and added grain and texture to Johnny and Renee's image to match the original image of Mom. I also added shadows to Denise (that look like they came from being behind Johnny) and flipped Renee's hand. Flipping Renee's hand makes the hand appear like it is Denise's hand, in this very special gesture of holding onto Johnny's arm. This was an important connection I felt I needed to pull the image together. Overall I am very pleased with the the beautiful image we ended up with. I love that I was able to create an image that Johnny and Renee will cherish forever.

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