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Target Run with Wild Child

It wouldn't be Christmas without our favorite traditional cold. We always seem to catch something the day before the big man comes. Now that Christmas is over we are in full recovery mode. I'm a busy body, so when a cold takes us out I get feeling cooped up quickly. I HAD to get out of the house today. Macie agreed a Target Run was in order.

As a mom, it's pretty well known that Target is a safe haven from reality. It is my duty to ensure that my daughter loves and respects the brand just as much as I do. There is no better time to do such teaching then at 3 years old on a rainy December night. When Macie came to the door dressed like this I knew it was a moment I would need my camera for. It was raining and 60 degrees, so a short-sleeved dress and shorts were definitely not the most ideal rainy day outfit. I've always believed in allowing my kids to choose their own outfits- mostly because I'm lazy, but partially because I don't even know where matching outfits for my kids in the house are. Also, I do love the way a toddler chooses to express themselves prior to having any social norms placed on them. They are only this little ONCE. They will only be able to get away with wearing a snow hat and shorts to Target for so long. As a mom these are moments that I truly enjoy. These darling cow-girl boots have been a staple this season and have been her top choice for EVERY outfit.

We started with some Starbucks coffee and a snowman cookie. Macie doesn't get treats every time I go to Starbucks, so she was especially excited about it.