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Remove an Object In Photoshop

All session locations have those less-than-ideal background spots. Some of these areas have garbage on the ground, low power-lines, construction cones and most commonly signs. When I am on-site I do my best to avoid these areas, but sometimes the best moments happen in transition. I always continue to photograph these precious moments, despite the background flaw- because most likeIy I will be able to touch it up in post-editing. I would hate to miss a beautiful moment and am grateful for the ability to touch up a scene afterwards.

Most object removals can be easily done in either Lightroom or Photoshop. Some, like this sign, require a little more attention. I truly believe that removing a small eye sore can often make or break an image. If it bothers me, and I am able to remove it I will!

In this video I did some color, lighting and contrast corrections in lightroom and then pulled it into Photoshop for the sign removal and some additional corrections. :)

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